PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo
DEBUT 2000

Madlenka is the title character in a series of children's books by Peter Sis, which began with the eponymous Madlenka in 2000. A small girl living in an ethnically diverse neighborhood (based on New York City), Madlenka learns about her neighbors' cultures and personal histories.

In Season 35 of Sesame Street, Madlenka was adapted for animated segments, following "Global Grover" and alternating with "Global Thingy". The series shows inter-ethnic friendship and tolerance, and each segment ends with Madlenka and neighbors exchanging multilingual goodnights.

The theme song is performed by Kevin Clash, in a Louis Armstrong imitation, and written by Mike Renzi and Sarah Durkee.


Picture Title / Frst Description
Madlenka Plants a Garden
Episode 4059
Madlenka, admiring her tulip, notices how bare her neighborhood is. With the help of her fellow apartment dwellers, she plants a variety of trees and flowers, beautifying the area.
Madlenka Goes to School
Episode 4065
Madlenka imagines the many different ways she could get to school.
Madlenka Gets a Cold
Episode 4078
Madlenka is sick, and friends and neighbors try to cheer her up. Madlenka imagines her neighborhood as a circus.
Madlenka Plays the Violin
Episode 4081
Madlenka plays her violin for the various people on her street, sparking memories of instruments they used to play.
Madlenka Plays Soccer
Madlekna imagines herself playing soccer as he runs around the block.
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