The Mail It Shop is a business on Sesame Street that was operated by married couple Maria and Luis from 2002 to 2006. Their daughter Gabi often helped them run the place.

Residents of Sesame Street used the shop to send and receive letters and packages, and the shop also offered fax, copying, and packaging services, as advertised on the neon sign in the window. Grover occasionally did delivery work for the shop.

The shop was located next door to Hooper's Store, in the spot formerly occupied by Maria and Luis' Fix-It Shop. However, in Season 37 (Episode 4109), the Fix-It Shop returned and the Mail It Shop was gone, indicating that toaster repair may be more profitable than mailing services.

The Mail It Shop was first introduced in Episode 3984 and was last seen in Episode 4105.


  • In an interview, Steve Whitmire explained that there are "two real internet connected Macs in the Fix-It Shop". At the time the article was written, it would have been the "Mail It Shop".[1]


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