Written by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens
Published November 19, 2013 (eBook)
March 11, 2014 (print)
Publisher Lake Union Publishing
ISBN 9781477817384 (print)

Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career is a book by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens. It examines how Jim Henson balanced art and commerce and became a successful entrepreneur.

Stevens also created the “Muppets, Mickey, and Money” research course at Boston University.


In our culture, artistic genius and poverty seem inevitably linked, but does it have to be that way? Jim Henson didn't think so. An iconic creator and savvy businessman, Henson is a model for artists everywhere: without sacrificing his creative vision, Henson built an empire of lovable Muppets that continues to educate and inspire?and a business that was worth $150 million at the time of his death. How did he ever pull it off? And how can other creators follow in his path?

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