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Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck

Make Your Magic is a Sesame Street Live show premiering in 2018 on October 12 from Feld Entertainment.

Official description

When magician extraordinaire Justin visits Sesame Street to put on a magic show for the whole neighborhood, Elmo wants to be part of the big event. But there’s one problem … Elmo doesn’t know how to do magic. That’s when Elmo teams up with Abby and Justin, embarking on an amazing journey where Elmo will discover the “power of yet” — the lesson that with perseverance and practice, nothing can stand between you and your dream. Along the way, Elmo and Abby, joined by their friends Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Rosita, Count von Count, and Gonger, discover the many magical moments in everyday life. In the end, Elmo learns that you can do anything you set your mind to if you just keep trying! Join your favorite Sesame Street friends on this magical adventure when Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic comes to your neighborhood.


Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Grover, Rosita, Count von Count, Cookie Monster, Gonger


Act I

  1. Sunny Days
  2. The Power of Yet
  3. Join Me
  4. C is for Cookie
  5. Cookie Shuffle (Cupid Shuffle Parody)
  6. Hop This Way
  7. Elmo's Got the Moves
  8. What Makes Music?
  9. Happy Dance

Act II

  1. The Song of the Count
  2. Patience (Fireworks Parody)
  3. Number of the Day
  4. Don't Give Up
  5. Be a Good Friend
  6. Magic
  7. Smarter, Stronger, Kinder



  • This is the first show to introduce Gonger to Sesame Street Live!, as well as the first show to feature the Gonger walk-around.

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