Illustrator: Carol Nicklaus

Malcolm Monster is the protagonist of the book Where's My Blankie? Malcolm lives on Sesame Street with his sister Monya Monster and his parents. Malcolm is incredibly attached to his security blanket, an old quilt which he takes everywhere. The quilt was a baby gift to him from Grandma Monster.

As the blanket grows shabbier, and Malcolm grows older, his parents try to persuade him to leave it at home. Still, he insists on taking his blankie on a trip to his grandparents, and Monya teases him, calling him a “baby monster.” At the end of the trip, Malcolm finds that he forgot his blanket. While initially disconsolate, Malcolm waits for Grandma to send it, and is gradually distracted by other activities with his friends. By the time the blankie arrives, he has completely overcome his dependence on linens.

Malcolm has re-appeared sporadically in later books, with and without Monya, as a minor or background character. In the 1986 book First Times, for example, Malcolm's first fur-cut is depicted. Although not all appearances name him, his design has remained consistent, making him one of the few Sesame book characters (outside of relatives) to have a continued existence beyond his first appearance.

Book appearances