Malcolm in the Middle - Sesame Street Theme

Malcolm in the Middle - Sesame Street Theme

Malcolm in the Middle is a TV series that aired on FOX from 2000 to 2006. Created by Linwood Boomer, the series revolves around a boy named Malcolm and his dysfunctional family.


  • "Malcolm's Girlfriend" - After recently breaking up with a cute girl, Malcolm decides to "go back" and play in the moon bouncer at the birthday party for his little brother Dewey's new friend. As he does, the Sesame Street Theme plays (the 1998-2001 version), and then suddenly stops when Malcolm wrecks the moon bouncer.
  • "Cheerleader" - A subplot involves Dewey wanting a Tickle Me Elmo-type doll called Sleepy-Time Herbie, a blue aardvark. They are very expensive and can be ordered by a special TV offer, and Dewey hallucinates the Herbie talking directly to him from the TV. Once he gets the Herbie, he imagines it saying "Break me."
  • "Lois Strikes Back" - While Malcolm argues with his mom, he asks her if it felt good to cut through Elmo's neck.
  • "Standee" - Hal tries to make peace with the garbageman, but Reese brings him a new bag of garbage and remarks, "Hey Oscar, here's your lunch!"
  • "Tiki Lounge" - Reese remarks, "I can't wait to see the look on Jamie's face when he tries to tickle what's left of Elmo."


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