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Marco and Gina in Season 42 (2011).


Season 37 (2006).

Marco Jefferson is Gina's son on Sesame Street. He was adopted from Guatemala as a baby in 2006 (beginning with Episode 4130).

Marco's introduction allowed the Sesame writers to deal with issues of international adoption and non-traditional families. Executive Producer Carol-Lynn Parente explained the inspiration for the storyline:

β€œStatistics show that almost a third of children are being raised in single parent households, so we felt it was important to reflect this growing family trend on our 'Street'. By using an adoption storyline to represent the single family household, it also gives us a chance to model yet another definition of what a family is.[1]”


Casting history

In his debut episodes, Marco was played by adopted Guatemalan twins, Ashlynn and Caleb. Starting with Season 38, Marco has been played by a young boy named Matthew.[2]