Marcus Clarke and Helena Smee with their puppets and child co-stars from the UK adaptation of Big Bag.

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Marcus Clarke

Marcus Clarke is an actor, puppeteer and writer who has has been BAFTA nominated for his script editing work.

After working in the West End Theatre for several years, he played the part of Audrey II in the West End musical Little Shop of Horrors, and subsequently worked as a puppeteer on the film version. Clarke also performed puppets for the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

After successfully completing a Jim Henson’s Puppeteering for Television course, he worked on several of Henson's productions, including Monster Maker, The StoryTeller, The Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island.

Clarke also performed Bag in the UK version of Big Bag, beginning in 1998.

Clarke's company, Hands Up Puppets, has been involved with more than fifty children's TV series, including the currently airing SMarteenies and Tickle, Patch and Friends, with Clarke often working as both a writer and performer.

In 2006, Clarke performed in the Jim Henson Company's improv puppet stage show, Puppet Up! He also wrote and peformed 'Marcus Clarke is the Puppet Maker' an Adult Comedy Stand Up Show for the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe. It experimented with incorporating Puppets into conventional Stand up to create a combined novelty, cod ventriloquist Stand up Act.

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