Margaret Loesch has worked as an entertainment executive, focusing on animation, family and children's programming, with Marvel Productions, Hanna-Barbera, NBC and ABC. During her tenure at Hanna-Barbera, Loesch repeatedly approached Jim Henson, through his agent Bernie Brillstein, about producing an animated series starring the Muppets, but Henson consistently declined her offers. When Loesch was appointed as president and CEO of Marvel Productions, Judy Price (head of children's programming at CBS) gave her the idea to instead produce a cartoon based around infant versions of the Muppets, first seen in The Muppets Take Manhattan. Loesch finally got Henson's approval, and she became executive producer for the long-running Muppet Babies, as well as the animated version of Fraggle Rock.[1]

Loesch went on to become president of FOX's Fox Kids programing block, before leaving in 1998 to become president of Jim Henson Television. In her time with the company, she helped develop Henson's partnership with The Odyssey Channel, served as an executive producer on such programming as Family Rules and Bear in the Big Blue House, and oversaw operations of the fledgling Jim Henson Home Entertainment division.[2]

After Henson, Loesch served as president/CEO of Crown Media's Hallmark Channel which she launched in 2001 after rebranding its predecessor, The Odyssey Channel. Loesch later served as president and CEO of The Hub from its creation in 2009 until 2014.


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