Marjolein Algera

Marjolein Algera (b. 1965) is a Dutch voice actress, director, writer, and singer who dubs the voice of Rosita on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. She also dubs certain minor girl characters on the show such as Baby Natasha and Athena, as well as Ojo in the Dutch dub of Bear in the Big Blue House.

Algera studied directing at the Toneelacademie (Academy of Dramatic Arts) in the city of Maastricht. Her credits include directing Dutch voice dubs for children's TV series and movies like Disney's The Lion King II, voicing Kiara (alongside Hero Muller and Paul van Gorcum

Marjolein Algera is also a teacher and writes texts for cabaret shows and stage performances. She also provides the voices of Geeltje and Broer in the remake of Dutch TV puppet classic Ti-ta-tovenaar (with the title roles puppeteered by Jogchem Jalink and Judith Broersen respectively).

In 2005, Marjolein Algera won the Zilveren Koe (Silver Cow) award for her contribution to the quality of dubbing in the Netherlands. Other winners of the award are Paul van Gorcum (2004), Fred Meijer (2006), and Maria Lindes (2010).