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Marlon Fraggle - Inspector Red.jpg
PERFORMER Steve Whitmire
DEBUT 1983
Marlon Fraggle - Red's Sea Monster.jpg

Marlon Fraggle is a minor recurring Fraggle on Fraggle Rock.

He debuted in the first season episode "The Finger of Light," where it is mentioned that he has been trying to start a cult for years, but nobody wants to join it. A nervously energetic sort with a voice and appearance modeled after Peter Lorre, Marlon is unusually ambitious for a Fraggle and sometimes slightly sinister. Following his failed bid to become Ruler of the Rock, Marlon toadies up to the winner, Mokey Fraggle.

He later graciously offers to rig the scoring on Red's feats in "Red's Sea Monster," and is the only one to believe her claim of a sea beast (again, hoping to use it to his advantage).

Similarly, he embraces the vistas offered by Wembley's ability to fly in "Wembley's Flight," asking that he unfurl a banner saying "Elect Marlon, King of the Fraggles."

Marlon has a cameo in the final episode of the series where he knocks over Uncle Traveling Matt.

He also earned a mention in the Fraggles Look for Jobs, where he's off acquiring a limo to pick up Gobo and Wembley.