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Marshal Grover is one of Grover's recurring characters on Sesame Street. Assisted by his trusty steed, Fred the Wonder Horse, Grover takes on the role of a marshal in the Old West.

He has made several appearances in a number of themed sketches with Fred, who is ever the voice of reason in Grover's perpetual inability to solve problems without a little help. An announcer (Jerry Nelson), using a Lone Ranger-style spiel about how Marshal Grover and Fred are "riding out of the pages of history," introduces four of the eight stand-alone sketches ("Back/Front in Saddle," "Big, Bigger, Biggest," "Up a Tree," and the final appearance with Frank Oz as the marshal).

In addition to his various sketches, Marshal Grover has also made appearances in A Brief History of Motion Pictures, Elmo's World: Wild Wild West! and the Saskatchewan segment of Global Grover. Fred also made a cameo appearance in A Celebration of Me, Grover, attending Grover's benefit dinner.

Merchandise for Marshal Grover has included a plush doll by Knickerbocker, a puzzle with Rodeo Rosie by Whitman, and a magic slate by Western Publishing. He was featured in Grover's Monster Album and makes several other appearances in books.


Picture First Appearance Description
Episode 0629 Back/Front in Saddle
Marshal Grover asks Fred why he's walking backwards -- he can only see where he's been, and not where he's going. He also wants to know what happened to Fred's head. Fred explains that Marshal Grover doesn't know the difference between front and back. "That is a terrible, mean, cruel thing to say to me, Fred!" Marshal Grover exclaims. "It is true, but..." Fred tells Grover that he's facing backward, and if he turns around, he'll see Fred's head. Grover turns around, and cries: "Oh, Fred! I've missed you! Oh, it's good to see you!" Fred says that if he stays turned around, he'll be able to see where he's going. Grover tries it, and he's proud to know the difference between front and back. Unfortunately, now his head is resting on the saddle, with his feet in the air.
Episode 0683 Big, Bigger, Biggest
Marshal Grover and Fred are hot and thirsty, so they stop in at the Short Branch Cafรฉ for a nice cold glass of milk. The bartender is distressed to see Grover riding his horse right inside, knocking over tables. "I just redecorated the place, too," he sighs. Grover orders a glass of milk, and the bartender asks if he wants the big glass, the bigger glass or the biggest glass. Fred tells the bartender that Marshal Grover doesn't know the difference, so the bartender shows off all three sizes. Marshal Grover and Fred come behind the bar to get a closer look, breaking bottles and glassware. The annoyed bartender shouts at Grover to choose a glass, and Grover picks the biggest glass. The bartender asks if Fred wants anything, but Fred says, "No thanks, I'm drivin'." As Grover rides his horse out of the cafรฉ, the bartender asks who's going to pay for all this stuff. Grover says he'll be back to pay for it tomorrow. Panicked, the bartender says not to come back; it's on the house!
Episode 0825 Away From
Marshal Grover tries mounting Fred using a "run and jump" technique. But everytime he gets close, Fred moves away from him, causing onlookers in the saloon to laugh at them. Fred finally explains that he doesn't appreciate the act, as it hurts his back. Marshal Grover promises never to run and jump onto his back again, and asks him to roll over so he may do so on his belly.
Episode 1066 Counts Backwards
Fred bets Marshal Grover that he can't count backwards from ten. Grover tries standing with his back to him and counting up to ten. Since he can't do it, Grover has to let Fred ride on his back.
Episode 1639 Up a Tree
Marshal Grover and Fred spot a kitty stuck in a tree. Grover tries to find ways to get the kitty down such as shaking the tree trunk. He finally came to the conclusion that to get the kitty down, Grover would climb up the tree to bring it down. However, Fred had another idea to bring the kitty down by calling the kitty by saying "Kitty" and the kitty came down. Now that the kitty is down, how is Marshal Grover going to get down from the tree?
Episode 2874 Looks for Water
Marshal Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse look for water in the desert. Grover sees mirages of a waterfall and a fountain, and Fred reminds him that he brought a canteen.
Episode 3449 Fence
Grover and Fred figure on making it into town by nightfall until they come across a fence with no edge in sight to go around. Grover tries getting past it in various ways: going under, over and through, but he's not successful. Deciding that they're stuck for the night, Grover starts to break out the marshmallows and asks Fred for his pajamas. But Fred has another idea that Grover hasn't been listening to: they can go through the gate.

Note: In this case, the Buster the Horse puppet is used for Fred.

Elmo's World: Horses What Horses Eat
Marshal Grover and Fred demonstrate what horses eat in a video email to Elmo.
Episode 4192 In Front Of
Marshal Grover (played by Frank Oz, in one of his sporadic appearances in post-2000 episodes) and Fred are riding into the sunset, but Grover faces Fred's back instead. Grover wants to see the sunset as they ride, so he has Fred face the other way. Once Fred starts moving, he begins riding away from he sunset. So, Marshal Grover has Fred walk backwards on their journey.

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