Martin Anthony (aka as Martin Carroll since 1990), served as an additional puppeteer for the Ultragorgon in the Jim Henson Hour special "Monster Maker." He had previously played small roles in the British TV series The Cleopatras and Minder.

His interest & involvement in puppeteering, began in the West End production of "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Comedy Theatre - first as understudy & then taking over the role of 'Audrey II' (manipulator).

Several regional theatre productions of LSOH & a UK tour followed & the final part of the tour coincided with the Warner Bros/Frank Oz motion picture going into production, which meant he was able to work on the film for the 'Mean Green Mother' & the big finale sequence.

It was due to that film, that he met Brian Henson & did some workshops with the 'Creature Shop', (hence the 'Monster Maker').

Next followed an incredibly heavy Dinosaur Animatronic (full body suit), used for an advert set in prehistoric times for 'Birds Eye' - it took fifteen minutes to 'climb & get strapped in' & then developed an electrical short in the cooling fan which tried its best to turn said Dinosaur into a barbecue!

Following that experience Martin returned to his first love & played leading roles in a variety of Shakespeare Productions, other theatre tours & TV.