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Martin Price
PERFORMER Dabney Coleman
DEBUT 1984

Martin Price is a Broadway producer and a con-artist in The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Price is the first producer approached by Kermit and his gang, trying to pitch the musical Manhattan Melodies. He seems interested in the musical, and asks about car chases and shootings and Kermit responds that there are none. Although surprised by the lack of violence and excitement that characterized most movies of that era, Price says he will produce the play. The gang is overjoyed at how easy it was to find a willing producer. However, just as the Muppets are about to sign with Martin Price, an elderly woman comes into his office saying he absconded with her invested money. She is accompanied by a policeman who serves Price a warrant for the arrest of Murray Plotsky, a man wanted for fraud, which is the true name of Martin Price. A brief hostage crisis ensues, involving Camilla, Gonzo and Animal, however it is defused by the policeman, who places Murray Plotsky under arrest. As the Muppets leave, Fozzie Bear dejectedly remarks that Martin Price had no faith in Manhattan Melodies, he just wanted the Muppets' money.

The musical is eventually produced by Ronnie Crawford.