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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1971
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Marty appeared on Sesame Street in the early 1970s, most notably performing "Has Anybody Seen My Dog?" with Grover, lamenting the loss of his beloved pet. Grover tries to help Marty look for his dog, but instead finds other animals.

Marty reprised the song on various albums (with Grover finding different animals). The song was reprised again on the Sesame Street Fever album, where he and Grover search for his dog at the disco.

Marty appeared as early as Episode 0171 where he tried to convince Bob he was from the planet Mars. He appeared again in Episode 0266, and sang a cover of The Beatles' "The Word" with Little Jerry and the Monotones (First: Episode 0197). He also was featured in a solo insert where he makes some shapes using a stray piece of chain he finds (First: Episode 0232), and a sketch where Grover carries some "HELP" words (First: Episode 0287).