Mary Had a Bicycle

Music by Sam Pottle
Lyrics by David Korr
Date 1974
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.
First Episode 0698
Sesame Street Mary Had a Little Lamb
Don Music writes "Mary Had a Little Bicycle" with help from Kermit. Sesame Street Mary Had a Little Lamb

"Mary Had a Bicycle" is a Sesame Street song in a Sesame Street News Flash skit, featuring the debut appearance of Don Music. In the sketch, Kermit the Frog finds Don trying to compose "Mary Had a Little Lamb," but he can't find a rhyme for "snow." Kermit suggests he try a new angle and the result is "Mary Had a Bicycle," which Don then performs as the Monotones back him up.


  • Jerry Nelson and Christopher Cerf can be heard providing backing vocals on the song. While the Monotones (without Little Jerry) appear in the skit, Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats are given credit instead on the song's first album release from Golden Music. The album version edits some of the dialogue.
  • In Don's first appearance, his home studio is a stock set often used as Kermit's home, and his piano is a brown upright piano. In subsequent sketches, Don's home studio has plain copper walls with a grated window, and his piano is changed to a black baby grand piano.


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