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Matilda grouch 0372.jpg
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1972

Matilda is a grouch who appears on Sesame Street in Episode 0372.

Even though she only just started working for the Rocky Road Grouch Bus line, Oscar hails her as their best driver for the way she yells at the passengers. He goes out of his way to impress her by wearing eau de onion aftershave and erecting a special bus stop sign to catch her off-route.

She de-boards the bus to hurry Oscar along, but when she tries to start it up again, she finds that she's flooded the engine with too much mud. Lillian (Vinnette Carroll) suggests Oscar take her over to the Fix-It Shop where she borrows a hammer to bash the mud out of the frammix.

Matilda, who affectionately calls Oscar "shovel face", wears a navy bus driver's uniform and a hat over dark, curly hair. She is recycled from the Oscar puppet seen on The Flip Wilson Show.