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DEBUT 1980

Max is a monster friend of Telly who appears in a season 12 episode of Sesame Street.

He and Telly both walk into Hooper's Store with the intention of buying a set of jacks. Telly thinks there might be a problem if they both want the same thing, but Mr. Hooper assures him it'll be fine. However, he finds there's only one set left. Telly thinks he and Max will argue over it and punch each other, but Mr. Hooper decides fairly who'll get it with a "guess what number I've written" game. Telly wins, but now they don't know whose house to play at.

Later, Telly and Max still wonder where to play. They rope Luis into another deciding number guessing game, only Telly administers it. Luis guesses correctly, meaning they'll play jacks at his apartment.