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PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1983

Max is a shaggy purple monster featured in Episode 1850 of Sesame Street. He "talks tough and thinks dense," as the script describes. He also has a habit of checking over his shoulder frequently in conversation.

In the episode, he brings his old red wagon to the Fix-It Shop for Maria to repair. He doesn't realize that since he only has one part (the handle), it can't be fixed. He then brings in his old blue wagon, which is only missing a handle.

The character made another notable appearance that season in a musical insert, "Comb Your Face." Although not acknowledged as Max on screen or in the script, he retains the same performer and mannerisms. On the Monster Hits! video, the song is instead attributed to "Furline Huskie" (a take-off on that of country singer Ferlin Husky), while the album Splish Splash: Bath Time Fun credits him only as "Monster."

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