DEBUT 1975
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Max is the low-key proprietor of Max's Barber Shop in Metro City, who faces difficulty one day when little Willy Nilly refuses to get his haircut. When Max's gentle insistence that Willy's mother wants her son to get a haircut fails to placate the frightened young boy, an alerted Super Grover crashes through the roof of his shop to save the day.

Although Max briefly exudes shock at Super Grover's proclamation that haircuts do indeed hurt, the otherwise unfazed barber calmly sets the record straight for both his young customer and the misguided superhero, first with a brief self-demonstration, then by cutting a small chunk each of Willy's hair and Super Grover's fur, putting their mutual tonsurephobia to rest.

Thanks to Max's efforts, Willy's fears are now assuaged, while Super Grover leaves to spread the "news" of his discovery that haircuts do, in fact, not hurt (unlike, as our hero finds out soon after, crashing through doors). (First: Episode 0717)

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