DEBUT 2009

Max Bear is a hibernation-expert for the "Bears Being Bears" program, as seen in a 2009 episode of Sesame Street.

When the Bear Family cannot fall asleep after a porridge shortage, they call in Max, who becomes their "hibernation consultant". He convinces them to leave their warm, cozy house and look for somewhere to sleep outside, like a cave or a hollow tree. However, once they discover there are no caves or large-enough trees to sleep in on Sesame Street, he has them get in touch with their "inner bear" and they realize they should dig a den in the ground. Before they head off to sleep in their new hole, he convinces them to have a last meal. Chris serves them some bran flakes, which tastes so good that they decide to not hibernate and live on cereal until spring. Max then realizes he forgot to plan for his own hibernation and is given their den.

The puppet used for Max was originaly used for Bunnie Bear on The Animal Show.