Maxwell Pereira (b. 1944), born Maxwell Pereirakamath, plays Col. Albert Pinto, a human street resident in the new Indian version of Sesame Street, Galli Galli Sim Sim.

Pereira, playing a retired military man, is himself a former long-serving and well-known member of the elite Indian Police Service. He has held multiple positions in different parts of India, as the first Superintendent of Police for Sikkim, as the Assistant Inspector General of Police in Mizoram , and as the chief of police of the erstwhile French pocket turned state in South India - Pondicherry. The majority of his service career was spent in Delhi - India's capital city state, where he held important positions ranging from assistant commissioner in 1972 to Joint Commissioner of Police, a post he vacated in 2004. Variously known as the "Thinking Policeman" and the "High Profile Cop" of the Delhi Police, Pereira remained the known "face of Delhi Police" nationally and internationally, having often served as spokesperson for the police department at the local and the national level. He has also been involved heavily in international police programs.

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