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Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1972
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.
First Episode 0372

"Me" is a Sesame Street song by Joe Raposo, celebrating one's self-esteem.

On album, the song has been sung in English (by Grover), and in an English-Spanish bilingual version (by Cookie Monster and Maria), and by Gordon and Maria.

An instrumental version of the song accompanied a montage of scenes with Grover and some kids in the video, A Celebration of Me, Grover.

Elmo sings a version of the song in the CD-ROM, Elmo Through the Looking-Glass. The song was used in another CD-ROM game, Music Maker, as performed by Grover.

On the show


Audio (Grover's version, same backing music as the televised versions)
Audio (Cookie Monster and Maria's version)
Audio (Gordon and Maria's version)

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