Me love cookies 2
Written by Mary Buri
Illustrator Tom Leigh
Published 2004
Publisher Publications International
Series Story Reader
ISBN 1412701635

Me Love Cookies is a 2004 Sesame Street Story Reader book. The book came with a cartridge for the Story Reader toy; Cookie Monster was performed by David Rudman, with original music composed by Paul Heitsch.

Cookie Monster is hungry, but he's run out of cookies, so he prowls around Sesame Street looking for someone who can hook him up. He eats up Big Bird's sunflower seeds, and then eats all the fruit at the fruit stand. He goes to Fusilli's to get a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs, but Waiter Grover sees the steam rising off the spaghetti and hits the fire alarm. Fire fighters rush in and douse Cookie Monster's meal.

Disheartened, Cookie Monster goes to the deli for a sandwich. He also wants a cookie, but the man at the deli counter explains that a big blue monster ate all their cookies yesterday. Cookie Monster buys some more sunflower seeds, fruit and spaghetti, and splashes out on some yogurt and carrots too. He's eaten some good food today, but he was hoping to find cookies. He puts his food away in the refrigerator -- not realizing that there's a plate of chocolate chip cookies hiden behind the milk...