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Mecha Builders is the working title of an upcoming animated Sesame Street spin-off series. In the United States, HBO Max has the streaming rights to the program, while Cartoon Network's Cartoonito has the broadcast television rights.[1]

The series is described as featuring "favorite Sesame Street characters as heroes in a robot-animation style."

The series was first announced in October 2019[2] and production started in May 2020.[3] The animation for the series is being produced by Canadian animation studio Guru Studio.[3]

A brief clip of an enlarged Cookie Monster mecha stomping through a city was shown in a Cartoon Network sizzle reel in February 2021 (YouTube). A social media post for New Years 2022 from Sesame Workshop revealed Elmo and Abby Cadabby in the mecha style they will appear in the series.[4]