Written by Michaela Muntean
Illustrator Barbara Lanza
Published 1985
Publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Meet the Fraggles is a guide on entertaining the Fraggle Rock characters if they come by to visit. Guidance is given on food, sleeping arrangements and entertainment options for accommodating Doozers, Fraggles and Gorgs in one's home.

The book explains that Doozers are very polite and thoughtful, and will make good houseguests, although care needs to be taken with such tiny guests. Doozers should be fed "small food", like peas and raisins. They can bathe in the sink, although the drain should be safely closed. Doozers can be carried around comfortably in a pocket or a knapsack, and they would enjoy a trip to a factory or a construction site. The reader is warned that Doozers may start building Doozer constructions in the house during their visit.

Fraggles are entertaining but rambunctious guests, and care needs to be taken to accommodate their preference for action and noise. They would enjoy being taken to amusement parks, zoos, parades and carnivals, although they can use almost anything as a game to amuse themselves. They enjoy eating radishes, but they'll also eat other vegetables, including turnips, spinach, beans and pickles. Fraggles may spend some of their time in the basement, or under the sink; they feel comfortable in dark spaces near the plumbing. Fraggles, like Doozers, would fit comfortably inside a knapsack.

The book flatly discourages the reader from entertaining a Gorg in one's home. A Gorg can't fit in a human-sized home, and they eat truckloads of food. Gorgs can't be taken anywhere without creating havoc, and they're lazy, so they won't clean up after themselves. The book's conclusion: "It would be best for all involved if you remain firmly rude and do not answer the door if a Gorg should come calling."

iStoryTime app


iStoryTime, a library of narrated children’s books for the iPhone, released an Apple app version of the book in November 2010. The digital iStoryTime book features the original illustrations and text, plus optional narration by Gavin Hammon. It is currently no longer available in the store.