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Melissa Creighton

Creighton with Broccoli

Melissa Creighton (b. December 30) is a puppeteer who joined Sesame Street beginning in Season 38. She is also the senior production manager of Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Originally from Minnesota, Creighton majored in Radio, TV & Film at Northwestern University. Moving to New York City, she helped build puppets for Avenue Q and performed Burdette on It's a Big Big World.

She performed as part of Cosmic Bicycle Theatre at the Jim Henson International Puppetry Festival.

Creature Shop biography[1][]

Melissa Creighton is the Senior Production Manager of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in New York where she oversees all aspects of production, from beginning to end on projects big and small, interfacing with clients and fabricators. She is the HR representative and facilities manager for the New York Shop, as well as the main point of contact between LA and NY.

Prior to her current position, Creighton was a part of the core team that launched Puppet Heap in 2005 where she was a major player in projects for clients including Little Airplane, Pierre Huyghe and The Walt Disney Company. Earlier in her career, she led a team of designers and builders at Shadow Character Design and worked as a prop builder at Clockwork Apple, eventually moving into project management.

On top of all this, Melissa is an established puppet artist and has created work in partnership with award-winning companies such as Wakka Wakka Productions, Cosmic Bicycle Theatre, and Ave. Q. As a puppeteer, Creighton performed on It’s a Big Big World, Sesame Street and Henson Alternative’s Stuffed and Unstrung. As an independent filmmaker her works have been featured in BAM’s Puppets on Film Festivals. As a show creator she has won grants from the Jim Henson Foundation.

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