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  • Hi Chris, can you re-upload your avatar? It's showing up as broken when you post in the forum.

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  • Hi, Chris! You may have already noticed, but if not, Scott brought the issue up and reopened the Kevin Clash page. It's an open discussion right now, and I think basically what happened with your edit is just that we as admins have become too wary of changes to that page, so the revert happened as a knee-jerk response without really looking at it or possibly even realizing that it added new info.

    Sorry we didn't discuss it with you first as we should have. I think part of the problem is that we agreed to add facts and sources but never really did so *or* reached any consensus as to how much detail to include. So we need to figure out what we're going to say on the article (and how we're even going to reach that agreement), so please join in the discussion!

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