Songs from Plaza Sésamo
Released 2007
Format CD
Label Cosar Editores
Cat no. 7720408114439

Mi Casa y Mi Familia (My House and My Family) is a CD based on Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street. The album was produced by Cosar Editores in 2007 for Pampers in Chile.

The other two albums in the series are El Mundo Que Me Rodea and Mi Cuerpo y Mis Hábitos.

Track listing

  1. Ven a jugar (Come and play)
  2. Sorpresa (Surprise)
  3. Hola papá (Hello daddy)
  4. Un libro antes dormir (A book before sleeping)
  5. Yo quiero estar contigo (I like to be with you)
  6. Un rico sandwich (A rich sandwich)
  7. Comer solo, solo comer (Eating alone, only food)
  8. Cuenten ya
  9. Mis libros (My books)
  10. Sandia sin queso (Watermelon without cheese)
  11. Por favor y gracias (Please and thank you)
  12. A restaurar (In the restaurant)
  13. Mi Familia es Lo Mejor (My family is the best)
  14. Danza Africana
  15. Zoe
  16. El carpintero (A carpenter)
  17. Me importas
  18. Es hora de dormir (It's time to sleep)