Michelle Bjørn-Andersen in Ørnen

Michelle Bjørn-Andersen (b. 1954) is a Danish actress who graduated from Aarhus theater school in 1980. She has provided voices for the Danish translations of several Muppet productions, Raisin in Legetøjets Hemmelige Liv (The Secret Life of Toys), Mokey and others in Fragglerne (Fraggle Rock), and Colleen Barker, Terri Springer and others in Hundekøbing (Dog City). She also provided her voice to The Junk Lady and others in Labyrinten til troldkongens slot (Labyrinth)

She has worked with many theaters in Denmark. Her TV and movie credits include Hodja fra Pjort, Hjælp - min datter vil giftes, Operation Cobra, Riget II (The Kingdom II), Rejseholdet (Unit 1), Ørnen and many more. Some of her voice work include Disney's Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and others.

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