Wrangler big bird

Hickey pruning Big Bird on set.

Michelle Hickey is currently a head puppet wrangler on Sesame Street and has also been credited as working with the Muppet Workshop.

Credited as part of "the Green Team", Hickey served as a wrangler for Kermit the Frog's guest host stint on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Hickey's credits also include Sesame Beginnings and the non-Henson series Crank Yankers and It's a Big Big World.

She made a cameo appearance in Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf, appearing in a balcony seat next to Papa Bear and Baby Bear.

In a 2009 interview on her Muppet wrangling duties, Hickey called her position a "dream job" and discussed the amount of work that goes into keeping Big Bird in tip top shape.[1]


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