PERFORMER Nigel Plaskitt

Mighty Mongoose is a female superhero in the Mopatop's Shop episode "Gluey Gloop." Her cape is tattered, affecting her strength and super powers in general. This does not inhibit her performance of her own theme song, replete with "Hurrah tarrah" chorus. Puppyduck outfits her with a new cape, enabling her to unstick Puppyduck, whose hand has been attached to her nose, thanks to the gluey gloop. She attempts to do the same for Mopatop, glued to the floor, but his weight proves too much even for a super mongoose. Moosey Mouse, after the consumption of Mother Mouse's wholesome stew, is able to perform the deed, but Mopatop, Puppyduck, and Mighty Mongoose are all convinced that it was the superhero who saved the day.

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