DEBUT 1989

Mike appeared on Sesame Street, beginning in season 20 as a teenage friend of Gina's (a romantic relationship between the two was often implied). He became a regular cast member the following season, where he earned a job as a part-time babysitter for Gabi in Episode 2642. Mike has a very large appetite, often seen snacking or anticipating a time he can eat.

In Episode 2741, it was established that he is a year younger and a grade behind Gina (who was a high school senior at the time). In Episode 2782, he is seen as one of Gordon's students in science class.

Mike also appeared in one skit at a carnival working at a game stand where Maria and a boy named Travis were his two customers. (First: Episode 2727) Mike also appeared in the home videos Dance Along! and Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Hospital.

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