Svenska sesam
PERFORMER Lill Lindfors
DEBUT 1981

Millejor is a human character on Svenska Sesam. She resides in the theater, staying in a room in the hallway. The room has its own door, but since there are no dividing walls, none of the other characters need it. Millejor is the theater's costume designer and is also the one that holds the theater together. She was in charge of locating the tiara that was stolen from Primadonnan and also prevented the demolition of the theater, among other accomplishments.

One of Millejor's tasks is to comfort Dirren everytime he hurts himself by singing a little song: "Stackars dirren, tulle lille, otur har han jämt vår kille, tulle lille, tulle lu, skrämmer vi det onda bu." When she finishes, she says "Borta?" (Gone?) and Dirren responds "Borta" (Gone).

Millejor's boyfriend is Sammy Karlson Junior. She is also the only character who interacts with the viewer.

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