Music by Luigi Boccherini

The Minuet in A Major comes from Luigi Boccherini's String Quintet in E, Op. 11, No. 5. Arrangements for four or five players are available. It is considered the composer's most popular work.

The Electric Mayhem attempts to perform a semi-traditional version of the "Minuet in A Major" as the opening number in episode 213 of The Muppet Show. Unfortunately for certain culture lovers, the musicians are audibly discontented with the commission of playing classical music on their rock instruments. Once Animal reaches a breaking point and starts drumming wildly, the band completely lets go of any attempt at traditionalism and finishes the song to a rock and roll beat.

A String Quartet performed the piece in episode 513 with some flair, mostly consisting of sadistic advances upon each other. This led to the quartet performing the piece in quiet chaos amongst a roaring fire, which they caused. They were so bad, even for the standards of The Muppet Show, that Kermit instructed Scooter to take them outside and lock the door.

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