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Miss Nanny character model.jpg
DEBUT 2018

Miss Nanny is caretaker of the Muppet Babies in the 2018 Muppet Babies series. She is the daughter of Nanny, who looked after the Muppet Babies in the original series.[1]

Like her mother, she is only seen from the neck down. She typically wears a sweater with a hoodie, and purple ballet flats. In each episode, the pattern on her stockings is changed to reflect relevant elements in the plot.

On occasion, she takes the babies on field trips to the museum or the library on her bus, and she's good friends with the likewise headlessly portrayed Mr. Manny.

During a season three episode taking place during Hanukkah, Miss Nanny shares her Jewish heritage with the babies.[2] As she flips through a book highlighting traditions of the holiday, a photo of her and her parents falls out as she laments, "Unfortunately, my family's traveling this year."

According to pre-production documents, "Nanny" was meant to be short for Nancette, "I come from a long line of Nannies."[3]


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