Mois shoes are mois life hamilton collection 2008

In 2008, the Hamilton Collection offered "Moi's Shoes Are Moi's Life", a Miss Piggy figurine advertised as the first of the "Miss Piggy's Addicted to Shoes Collection". The Hamilton Collection would often offer the first figure in a planned collection and then wait to see if there were enough sales to continue, so it's possible that this first figure was the only one produced (if indeed this one was produced at all).

The advertisement text says:

Spoil Yourself With Shoes!
For Miss Piggy, not a day goes by that she doesn't indulge in delicious shoes. After all, a day without spoiling yourself is a day that's spoiled, n'est pas? Take a cue from this porcine prima donna and indulge your shoe-business with "Moi's Shoes Are Moi's Life," a diva-licious figurine starring The Fabulous Miss P. lounging on an ultra-glamorous boudoir slipper. This dazzling delight puts the "sty in style" with every handcrafted and hand-painted detail, from the sumptuous marabou trim and glam heel bristled with glimmering glitter, to sparkling simulated gems and faux pearls. Vous will love it!