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Released 1982
Format LP
Label Warner Bros. Records
Cat no. 1-23717
Bonjour exerciseurs

Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Workout Album is a parody of the aerobic exercise craze of the early 80s, especially the popular "Jane Fonda's Workout" video, book and album series. This album reached #206 on Billboard's Bubbling Under the Top LPs chart.

The photo on the album cover wraps around to the back. Miss Piggy's pose on the album cover is modeled after Fonda's famous workout pose. Although Piggy can't reach as far, she's leaning on a fluffy workout mat, and she's littered the floor with champagne bottles, chocolates and accessories.

The songs were all written especially for the album by Joe RaposoKermit the Frog is featured on the tracks "Lift the One You Love" and "A Little Chin Music."

Piggy performed one of the songs, "Snackcercise", on her 1982 TV special, The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show. A music video was also filmed for "Lift the One You Love," using the same set. The music video was not released, and a brief clip was later seen in Henson's Inner Tube pilot.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Stereau Warmup
  2. Snackcercise
  3. Lift the One You Love
  4. Exercise Your Rights
  5. Dream Dancin'

Side Two

  1. La Vie Aerobique
  2. Sit Down
  3. Fmps kpandktf

    Lift the One You Love

    Breathe Easy
  4. A Little Chin Music
  5. Hairobiques Made Simple
  6. Au Revoir


Piggyradio 1984

Early-80s merchandise based on Piggy's Aerobique regimen include several T-shirts, and an AM Radio made in 1984 by Power-Tronic.

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