222 weigh in

Piggy tips the scale.


Piggy's weight shifts the Swinetrek.

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Commander Piggy, unaffected by gravity.

A running gag throughout the duration of Miss Piggy's existence regards her weight. It is often employed through others cracking jokes at her expense, her weight having improbable impacts on her situation and attributing her weight to her consuming large doses of unhealthy foods. These instances are typically met with a dose of physical punishment to those around calling attention to it.


The Muppet Show

  • In the panel discussion of "Does travel broaden the mind?" in episode 115, Mildred Huxtetter quips that Piggy, despite having never traveled far, is the broadest of all the panel members. She later remarks that Piggy's size threatens to knock her off the panel, to which Piggy threatens to knock her out of the theater.
  • Piggy's weight was the focal point of episode 222, where Kermit informs Scooter that Piggy's upcoming ballet number will be cut due to her being unable to fit her outfit. She spends the episode trying to lose weight, struggling to starve herself and exercise. Her efforts prove fruitless, as she winds up busting the scale by setting on it.
  • Episode 301 sees Piggy ordering an appearance-keeping, healthy meal from the Canteen; Gladys refers to her order as the "Fatso Special." Piggy reacts negatively, especially when the much more petite Annie Sue orders some junk food.

Muppets Tonight

  • In the "Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine" sketch in episode 206, Piggy's weight causes her to be the sole member of the Swinetrek to not be affected by a sudden loss of gravity. A similar situation occurs in a "Pigs in Space" web video, "The Gravity of the Situation."
  • Mimicking Courtney Cox's role in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" music video in episode 211, Piggy attempts to join Kermit onstage, but he is unable to move her. Further attempts made by the crew using ropes and even a crane proof unsuccessful as well.

The Muppets

  • During the morning meeting in "Pig Girls Don't Cry," Kermit discusses a failed production piece involving Piggy flying on a cable, which was unable to support her weight. Bobo is surprised, as the cable was one used typically for wrecking balls.
  • Due to the cancelation of Patrick Dempsey for Up Late with Miss Piggy in "Pig's in a Blackout," the writing team (Gonzo, Pepe and Rizzo) alter their sketch to account for his replacement - a large stick of butter. The sketch ends up being Piggy dreaming about making out with the butter, which Pepe considers much more realistic.


  • In The Muppets, Piggy is shown apparently making decisions in her Paris office regarding some fashionable outfits. It turns out to instead be in regards to her plate of donuts, which she eats all of.


  • Miss Piggy spends the course of The Kermit and Piggy Story ordering multiple, course meals on a night out with Kermit, who is stuck with a large bill while Piggy goes out for a pizza.
  • Miss Piggy appeared in a series of commercials for Baked Lays chips, which are all based around her hogging all the chips for herself.
  • In an episode of Donna's Day, Kermit tries finding a guest for Donna Erickson's party. He phones Piggy's residence, where butler Faversham informs him that she's out at a "symposium on health and nutrition." Kermit immediately recognizes this as her "Friends of Fudge" convention.
  • Miss Piggy and Kermit watch a blooper from "Santa Baby" from the above TV movie in NBC's Funniest Outtakes 2, where Piggy is dropped to the floor by accident. Piggy threatens a "fat lip" to whoever makes a fat joke.
  • In Muppets Party Cruise, one of Piggy's stock phrases employed during the "Long Cruise" game has her getting enraged at someone making a "whale watching" remark toward her.
  • In the online Pigs in Space episode "The Gravity of the Situation," First Mate Piggy enters the doomed Swinetrek then notices that there's no gravity and wonders why she's not weightless, to which the ship's computer laughs at her. Later as she resigns to her fate the ghost of her dead lover Matt Kewaterski points out reasons she'd like to stay on the ship, one being that she weighs less. The ship then announces "five seconds until the fat lady sings."
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