Miss Poogy

Miss Poogy is a new Muppet to appear in The Muppets. The character first appeared in the teaser trailer, "Green with Envy". She made subsequent appearances in the trailers after that, except for the second teaser, "The Fuzzy Pack". She is very different from Miss Piggy. Miss Poogy is very gruff and tough, and is know to carry pocketknives. Miss Poogy is also in Fozzie's tribute band, The Moopets.

Miss Poogy was also described in a article: "Poogy is the anti-Piggy. A ruddy, rough-looking pig adorned in leather and chains, Poogy addressed the others while sharpening a knife in her left hand. She was obviously getting the crew mixed up in something bad, telling them not to 'worry about it' and expressing surprise that they'd never 'done this before.'"

The puppet used for Miss Poogy has also been used as Snorty in Pigs in Space: Deep Dish NineDeep Dish Nine on Muppets Tonight and was reused for different pig customers on Mopatop's Shop like Trevor and Ollie.

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