PERFORMER Loretta Tupper
DEBUT 1983

Miss Mae Trump was a recurring neighbor on Sesame Street from Season 15 to 19.

She's unnamed in her first appearances, such as Episode 1840 where she's helped across the street by Big Bird (but, as Big Bird is not himself a grown-up, needs her help to cross back).

She was a lively older woman who managed to keep up with the younger or hip residents, such as Piri (breakdancing with him in Episode 2060) and Ferlinghetti Donizetti. She played the piano, first demonstrated in Episode 2126 when she plays boogie qoogie on a piano which Oscar had hoped would get in the way and start arguments. She tickled the ivories on other occasions, including with the Sesame Street Band (conducted by Bob) in episodes 2229 and 2348.

Miss Trump was close friends with Uncle Wally, as they played cards and went to baseball games together, and they sang a portion of "My Best Friend" to extol their relationship (which is the only time her first name is mentioned).

In Episode 2316, while she doesn't appear, she sends Telly Monster an invitation to a party at her apartment.


In her first appearance in Episode 2003 (as a Hooper's Store customer who falls into the same rhyming habit as Ferlinghetti Donizetti), the script lists the character as "Mrs. Tupper" (reflecting the name and title used by the actress). She is first called Miss Trump in episode 2018 but Mrs. Trump in Episode 2126, with usage often depending on the writer. A mention in Episode 2258 (in a computer list of Fix-It Shop customers) goes back to the initial "Mrs. Tupper." Credits for the home video Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game also use Mrs. Trump.


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