Jim henson mitsubishi 1986 ad

Mitsubishi is a group of Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries that include banking, electronics, aviation, motor vehicles, and several others.

In 1986, Jim Henson was photographed and interviewed for a print ad that ran in trade magazines in a series that also included Cabaret director Bob Fosse, Alien director Ridley Scott, and Taxi Driver director Martin Scorsese.

Jim Henson has achieved extraordinary audience and critical approval from every medium he's had his hand in. Educational TV; Sesame Street. Network TV; The Muppet Show. Film; a trio of Muppet movies, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. His insightful imagination, expressed through an enduring cast of creatures, artfully exposes the very best in people and media alike.

"I spent a summer traveling through Europe meeting other puppeteers. That was when I first realized it was an art form... the sort of thing a grown man could do for a living."

"Sesame Street surprised everybody, the impact it had on the culture and all. It wasn't like you had to do anything dramatic to do a very good job."

"I think it's important that movies be about something, so that there is that substance to be discovered."

"Frank Oz, who does Miss Piggy, builds layers and levels of character. He knows her background, what kind of painful childhood she's had. Her humor comes from the pain."

"If our 'message' is anything, it's a positive approach to life. That life is basically good. People are basically good."

The vision of people like Jim Henson challenges the manufacturer to develop componentry capable of capturing their art in all its subtlety and nuance. Equipment like the Mitsubishi 2053 Monitor/Receiver with full-square Diamond Vision picture tube shown here.

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