Mizumi (top right) pictured with her daughters Moulin (front left) and Drumlin (front right) on the cover of Return to Labyrinth Volume Three

Mizumi, the Queen of Cups, appears in the graphic novel Return to Labyrinth. Mizumi is the Queen of the Kingdom of Moraine, a kingdom that neighbors to Jareth’s realm. Mizumi has her sights on the Labyrinth. Mizumi has two daughters, Moulin (the beautiful daughter) and Drumlin (the not-so-beautiful daughter). Jake Forbes, the creator of Return to Labyrinth, has stated that she is partly based on the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and partly on Xayide from The Neverending Story.

Her magic powers revolve around water and ice, and she also has the unique power to create ablations, which are aspects of people's personalities split off into new beings in their own right. Moulin and Drumlin are ablations of Mizumi herself (respectively, Moulin is her regret and Drumlin is her hope), while Moppet is an ablation she created of Sarah as part of a bet with Jareth.

Mizumi and Jareth were once romantically linked, but after a falling-out between them, Jareth created the Labyrinth to keep everyone out, including her. Mizumi remains adamant that Jareth is her true love and will do anything to obtain him, including, it turns out, kill her own daughters.

After Jareth begins losing his powers following his defeat by Sarah in Labyrinth, he journeys to Moraine and makes a deal with Mizumi to create an ablation of Sarah. If he cannot make the ablation love him within thirteen years, the goblin king and all his kingdom will belong to Mizumi. Jareth is unable to make Moppet love him, and so makes alternate plans, declaring Toby his heir and abdicating so that Toby will be caught by the deal instead and Jareth will be free to pursue Sarah in the human world. Mizumi and her daughters are invited to the ball in the castle at the center of the Labyrinth where Jareth makes his announcement, and Mizumi subsequently begins giving Toby duplicitous advice as well as training him in sorcery so that he can unlock the heart of the Labyrinth for her during his coronation. She callously reabsorbs Drumlin for endangering her plans by making a bumbling attack on Toby's friends Moppet and Hana. Later, she stabs Moulin to death for siding with Moppet and Hana against her, thus providing the "sacrifice of self" needed to progress through a passage that is supposed to lead to Jareth and Sarah, though it actually leads to a dead end.

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