PERFORMER Nigel Plaskitt

Mo Momo is a customer in the Mopatop's Shop episode "Mouse Count." He is the proud owner of a toy mouse, desperately seeking three more to add to his collection. Clad in a dressing gown draped over a sweater, a picture of sartorial splendour reminiscent of Arthur Dent, Mo Momo is almost obsessively preoccupied with possessing four "sweet little mice," which provides a lesson in counting.

Mo Momo seems oddly cavalier about whether his mice are inanimate, live, or a blue balloon mouse which will likely deflate in a comparatively short time. Mopatop offers no warranty for the product, but then again, no currency is exchanged either. The economics of Mopatop's Shop are even more mystifying than those governing Hooper's Store.

The Puppet was originally created as Icky No-No for Muppet Time. Other uses on Mopatop's Shop include Young Monster, Pappy Popper and Ginorman, except with a costume change and the addition of a proboscis.

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