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Moesha is a sitcom that aired on UPN from 1996 to 2001. The series stars R&B singer Brandy as Moesha Denise Mitchell, a high school student living with her middle class African-American family in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Muppet Mentions

  • In "Reunion", Frank arranges a party for Moesha and invites her old friends. At the party, Kim asks Moesha if Jason Dupree is here and to describe him to her. Moesha's reply, "Kim, when we were watching Sesame Street, what were you watching?"
  • In "Baby Love", Moesha tells her brother Myles that he is going to be forgotten when their stepmother announces she's going to be having a baby. When Myles asks what forgotten means, Moesha replies "You got a Ph.D in Sesame Street, bruh. You know what that means."



  • Maya Angelou appeared in "Fired Up"
  • Boyz II Men appeared in "Living in Paradise?"
  • Brandy played Moesha Mitchell and appeared as herself in "Moesha Meets Brandy"
  • Kobe Bryant played Terry Hightower in "The Whistle Blower"
  • Jamie Foxx played Woody in "Driving Miss Moesha"
  • Bo Jackson played Mr. Porter in "Hakeem Owes Moesha Big"
  • Stan Lathan directed five episodes in 1996 (including "Pilot") and one in 1999
  • Nia Long played Ruth in two episodes
  • MC Lyte appeared in "A Concerted Effort"
  • Kyla Pratt played Patricia in "The Crush" and Sabrina Wilson in "Netcam"
  • LeAnn Rimes appeared in "Ohmigod, Fanatic"
  • Sinbad played Prof. LeCount in "The Nutty Moesha"
  • Usher played Jeremy Davis in "Independence Day", "Pajama Jam", "Double Date", and "Keepin' It Real"
  • Danny Wooten appeared in "Let's Talk About Sex"


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