Piggy promotes Moi perfume on Today

Piggy promotes Moi perfume on Today

Today appearance.

Moi was a perfume launched in October 1998 by The Jim Henson Company and Marsczek Ltd., a subsidiary of Gendarme Fragrances. It was a follow-up to the 1995 fragrance, Amphibia.

The perfume, named after Miss Piggy's tendency to refer to herself in French, was initially available only at Bloomingdale's, where it became a top-selling holiday item. Moi was later released nationwide.

It was jokingly credited as being a product of "Miss Piggy Enterprises," of which Miss Piggy was CEO. The perfume was to smell like a "bouquet of seductive flowers warmed with 'come-hither' notes of warm blonde woods." And Piggy states it has "a certain je ne sais moi" that makes her irresistible to a certain frog.[1]

Piggy appeared on Today to promote the release of the perfume. She tells Matt Lauer that it was animal tested: dogs liked it, but it didn't work for sloths. She says that the bottles can double for bowling pins, and after getting a close-up says earnestly, "I believe if we all smelled better, we would all get along. Remember, this is not about perfume, it's about world peace."

In a June 8, 1999 interview with People, Miss Piggy said

When I'm wearing 'Moi,' Kermit finds me more attractive, more alluring than ever, he just can't keep his little flippers off me.

A fragrance by Miss Piggy was proposed as far back as 1990 for The Pig of the Nineties. In 2014, the concept was revived by The Perfume Shop as an April Fool's Day joke.

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