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Molly Boylan has been a writer and lyricist on Sesame Street since 1989.

She was part of the team that developed "Elmo's World" and has written for several "Elmo's World" episodes. She also co-authored (with Judy Freudberg) the direct-to-video special Elmo's World: Wild Wild West which was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Children's Special. Boylan also served as a story editor for Rechov Sumsum in its 2000s revival, as well as a story consultant for the 2010 Shalom Sesame videos.

Her lyric writing credits have also earned Daytime Emmy nominations for "Outstanding Original Song," including "I Wonder" (2011), "Raise Your Hand Up High" (2015), "Try a Little Kindness" (2018), and "Song About Songs" which won the award in 2018.

She was mentored by long-time writer Jeff Moss, who married her sister Anne Boylan.[1]

Writing credits[]

Song Credits[]


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