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Written by Judy Freudberg
Illustrator Jean Chandler
Published 1980
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Sesame Street Book Club
ISBN 0307231208

Molly Moves to Sesame Street is a 1980 Sesame Street book about a new neighbor moving to the street.

Molly has just moved to Sesame Street and is upset because her room is bare and looks nothing like what her room should look. So she begins to unpacked her stuff to decorate her room. She displays her cereal box collection, her toy horses and her marbles. Then she heads outside to explore the neighborhood where she stumbles on her new neighbors playing hide and seek in the arbor.

After everyone, including Cookie Monster and Grover introduce themselves, they invite her to play. While searching for her new friends she stumbles on Oscar in his trash can where she introduces herself before heading to Hooper's Store for a snack (which includes ice cream).

Bert and Ernie invite her over their apartment to see their collection of Paper clips and drums. Before she goes though, she invites them all over to her new room where Bert admires her cereal box collection, Big Bird likes her drawings, and the Count counts her marbles.