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PERFORMER Cheryl Blaylock
DEBUT 1982
DESIGN Michael K. Frith designer
  Cheryl Blaylock builder

Cheryl Blaylock performing Mona.

Mona Monster is Telly's older sister who has a very vivid imagination. She appeared on Sesame Street briefly during seasons 13 and 14, featuring prominently in Episode 1681. Outside of Street scenes, the character appeared in a few inserts, which were reran through season 18. She also appeared with other Sesame Muppets in the wedding finale of The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Mona was originally designed by Michael Frith as a walk-around for the second edition of Sesame Street Live, Big Bird's Super Spectacular Totally Amateur Show. Jim Henson liked the design and decided to make a puppet version of the character for Sesame Street. Cheryl Blaylock was assigned with adapting Frith's design as a hand puppet, unaware of who would end up performing the character, and was informed by Henson of being cast in the role afterwards.[1] Mona's Sesame Street Live appearances, where she was voiced by Kathryn Mullen, continued through the shows Sesame Jamboree, Around the World, and Big Bird Goes Hollywood.

For a time, the Mona Monster puppet became a utility monster, appearing in the background of sketches and songs such as "Me Gotta Be Blue" and "Hace Frio!", and was also repurposed for the characters Frieda and Juliet (Telly's friend). The puppet was eventually rechristened and popularized as Ingrid and has been connected to that character since 1993.

Episodic appearances


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