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2nd cover Monsters Clubhouse

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Monster Clubhouse is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for home computers developed by Encore Software and Sesame Workshop. Users are invited into Monster Clubhouse to practice basic skills such as rhyming and matching, identifying shapes and colors, labeling emotions, and identifying patterns.

Sesame Street- Monster Clubhouse (2002)

Sesame Street- Monster Clubhouse (2002)

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  • "Membership Card": The user can make his or her own Monster Clubhouse Membership card
  • "Matching Window": Find what Elephant describes outside the window.
  • "Furry Feelings": Create an emotional monster face
  • "Monster Music": Create a monster song with shapes and play it.
  • "Matching Moves": Help Mel dance like Narf.
  • "Snack Time": Help Narf create snacks using shapes.